Holiday Inn | Gurnee, IL

SSC Construction is a Midwest-based construction company with more than 10 years of experience in the hospitality industry. With more than 20+ projects under their belt and many more in the near future, they have become a great partner with GWS.

This was an existing property that was being renovated into what it is today. Everything in the 210 room hotel was being replaced or refurbished. Construction and installation was delayed to unexpected fire that destroyed more than half of the property.

Our installation experts were able to adhere to any and all construction schedules and adapt to unforeseen disaster.

• FF&E Installation
• FF&E Liquidation
• On-site Storage
• Project Coordination

GWS adapted and overcame the construction delays and was able to meet and service all needs of the client. Including re-installing new FF&E that needed to be replaced after the disaster, helping other trades in any areas they needed assistance to insure the project still opened on time and bringing in extra on-site storage containers for multiple uses.
• GWS was able to adapt to the situation at hand in order to facilitate our valued account.
• Re-installed over 50 rooms of FF&E after disaster.
• GWS met all timelines set forth before and after incident.
• Brought in added storage containers for other trades needing extra space that was destroyed.
• GWS was able to donate nearly 50% of liquidated product to charity.