Our promise to our clients

At GWS Hospitality, we believe that the little things make a big difference. Our approach to our work is driven by the core belief ­that an unwavering attention to detail sets us apart from our competitors, enabling us to create exceptional experiences for our customers.

We cultivate this belief by forging meaningful relationships with people, whether they be our customers, our strategic partners, or members of the communities we serve. Building processes that preserve the integrity of our promises to our clients, we implement flexible, customized solutions for even the most aggressive timelines. And we continue to innovate through technology, so that we can respond quickly and effectively to industry changes.

A specialized division of Global Workplace Solutions, LLC, - an integrated service provider founded in 2004 – GWS Hospitality uniquely integrates with your project from early stage consulting all the way to final placement. Our depth of experience in both new and renovation hospitality projects ensures that you will have a five-star experience.


A Commitment to Serve Our Communities – and Our Planet

We believe that every project presents us with a chance to leave our communities – and our Earth – a little better than we found them. Whether this means identifying additional opportunities to serve within the scope of the project, engaging local labor, supporting diversity and inclusion initiatives, or simply devising a liquidation plan that avoids the landfill, service is a critical component of our approach.

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Whether it’s OHSA regulations or PPE requirements, we take safety seriously. We are inherently collaborative, as our on-site teams integrate with general contractors and owners to understand and comply with their safety programs. We conduct daily Toolbox Chats – 10 minute morning meetings focused on reviewing best practices – to ensure that safety is always top-of-mind. And when it comes to safety data sheets, we coordinate with construction to provide the necessary information manufacturer information for all product on-site.

GWS Healthcare movers


With expertise in everything from timeline development to installation and liquidation, our collective experience ensures that every stage of your project is efficient and effective. After we complete our process of discovery with you, we assemble the right team for your unique project needs. Our core team works hand-in-hand with your staff to develop, implement, and manage a plan that keeps your guests’ experience at the forefront.

Meet the Team
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