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Our core values inspire our approach to project management: we team hospitality experts with local labor, and integrate with construction teams to create seamless project hand-offs. Our vast network of service partners aligns with GWS Hospitality industry experts, uniquely positioning us to easily overcome schedule challenges: we can quickly adjust our scale to adapt to changing timelines.

To ensure the integrity of your project, we interface from pre-planning to post-execution, maintaining continuity throughout the life of your project. Flexible, innovative, and solutions-oriented, our project management teams give you the level of service you deserve.

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  • Hospitality-centric teams of experts

  • Global network of trusted service partners giving access to skilled local labor

  • Ability to quickly adjust to schedule changes

  • Scalable model, ranging from off-site coordination to on-site presence

  • Integration with construction and procurement process for seamless hand-offs

  • Single point of contact

  • Vendor management for accountability

  • Pre-project planning and budgeting

  • Development of project timeline

  • Development of implementation plan

  • Real-time reporting shows completion percentage and tracks against current schedule

  • Shipment tracking/reporting

  • Chain-of-custody management

  • Project follow-up and punch list
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