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Slide Dashboards One of our differentiators is our commitment to giving our clients the insights and information they need to make informed decisions about their projects. We customize our dashboards to each client and to each project, providing quick home-page metrics with opportunities to drill down to see more detail. Gain complete visibility into your entire chain-of-custody. Analyze your procurement schedule to determine if adjustments are needed. View the progress of installation by floor, and click to learn more specifics. Log in to your project portal any time, from anywhere, and share updates with all stakeholders. We simplify the complexity of hospitality projects by centralizing your data, allowing you to understand workflows and feel confident in your project’s success.

Whether you want a high-level overview of your project’s status, or a very specific detail about a piece of furniture going to the 12th floor, our tools are collaborative, powerful, and intuitive.

Our warehouse management system gives you a variety of options – including the ability to filter by item type, or simply see an overall view - to understand asset status. Using PO information, we integrate all item details, including manufacturer, dimensions, and more. Our reservation system includes the option for both pictures and notes for detailed documentation, and gives general contractors a simple way to request product to site and determine the status of any reservation request.

Our classification system makes it easy to browse or search inventory, generate reports, and view a summary of product that has moved in and out of the warehouse.

Slide Project Management
& Field Installation Tool
Tracking project issues can be time-consuming. Our customizable issue-tracking tool gives you the power to interact with your plans in meaningful ways, connecting construction teams with the front office like never before. We can create custom stamps to overlay your blueprints, making issue identification quick and easy. Digital punchlists – complete with photo documentation – position you to resolve issues in record time. And, we can give you daily safety reports, visibility to progress, and summaries of punch work completed.

Using our tool, we assign tasks and track our work across the entire project lifecycle. The resulting information guides our meetings, provides transparency and process uniformity, and helps prevent schedule delays.

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