Warehousing and
Asset Management

Warehousing and Asset Management


Simplifying the Complexity

Given the sheer number of rooms – and the overall square footage – of hotel and resort projects, a substantial amount of product must be managed effectively to complete the project on time. Throw in multiple manufacturers and variable shipping timeframes, and you have a recipe for potential product loss, delays, and rush orders.

Luckily, this scenario is preventable. Our global warehousing network allows us to centrally manage your shipping at a location near your project, enabling us to receive, track, consolidate, and quickly deconsolidate product in response to general contractor needs. And because we provide you with customizable reporting, you’ll have a constant, accurate awareness of your project’s percentage toward completion.

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  • Equipped with racking
  • Clean and temperature-controlled
  • Easily scalable: pay only for what you use
  • Professionally staffed and managed
  • Insured

Asset management:

  • Single point of contact, resulting in streamlined communication
  • Customizable reporting, including amount of product delivered, amount in the warehouse, etc.
  • Integrated technology to track product from PO to punch list
  • Nationwide coverage through our network of trusted service partners
  • Centralized logistics approach to facilitate quality control
  • Management of both new and existing inventory
  • Streamlined claims management process
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